The Reiki Alliance

37th Annual Gathering of The Reiki Alliance

Reiki – Weaving Heart, Soul and Spirit into Fields of Grace

May 22- May 29, 2019
Hothorpe Hall
Theddingworth, Leicestershire LE17 6QX, UK

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales invite you to the 2019 Conference here in the UK.

Our Celtic nations share roots, legends and a heritage rich in art, music and storytelling. We share a passion for history and connection to the natural world. Our shared gifts nourish our connections to each other. The gifts of Unity, Wholeness and Connection, held in the gentleness of Reiki, is our vision for the Conference. We’re honoured that Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Lineage Bearer and Paul Mitchell, Head of Discipline, will be attending and we look forward to a rich and inspiring time together.

Daily Reiki treatments will support the work we do together as we embark on new ventures and seek resolution of existing questions. This year there will not be a student day, and this will allow more time for our Circle of Masters to go deeper into questions of membership and future directions. A new venture this year will be virtual participation. Applications are invited for up to 15 virtual attendees who will commit to attending via the ZOOM platform for all parts of the Conference. The fee for attendance will cover Conference fee.

We’ll also be holding the Annual General Meeting, including self-nominations for Board positions. We will have the familiar Market Place for any lovely items that you would like to bring for sale. There will also be the Cabaret, so bring your talents to share with us all! On Saturday evening there will be a traditional Ceilidh dance — so do bring your dancing shoes!

Conference fee includes lodging and meals from Wednesday evening May 22nd to Wednesday breakfast, May 29th 2019.

Looking forward to a great conference in 2019!

Heather Buglear, Milly Cain, Ines Coughlan, Tripuri Dunne, Kate Jones, Liz Lyden and Claire Prendergast Johnson
UK Conference Team